Termination or abortion as it is more commonly called, is such a delicate topic. Should it be considered murder, or maybe just a minor surgical procedure? There are two types of termination, surgical and medical.

The first is usually done later in the pregnancy and. requires a minor operation in which you are under a light anaesthetic. The procedure is relatively short (2hours roughly) and is considered one of the safest and more commonly performed elective surgeries. The patient may experience some pain afterwards. And more a feeling of loss and some emotional strain.

The second option, medial termination is usually done earlier in the pregnancy and is considered a very safe method. The patient is required to take a tablet and then another tablet 48 hours later which removes the foetus along with a lot of blood clots. This part is usually the most traumatic for the patient as they may see the foetus.

Should abortion be considered an option? Should it just be used for patients that need it due to medical complications, or should it be used for people of whom just don’t want a child in their life? This topic has sparked debate ever since it first come about, abortion has been used since the mid 1800’s. Obviously times and procedures have changed. But have the ethics? Is there a reason other than complications to the mothers and/or child’s health that can justify an abortion? These questions have been considered by many doctors since the procedure was first invented.
I would love to here other people’s opinions on this debate.